About Pampa Kannada Koota

Pampa Kannada Koota
is a cultural organization representing the Kannada speaking people from Karnataka State India, who have settled in Detroit - Ann arbor - Flint area in Michigan. The Purpose of the organization is to propagate Kannada language, culture, music, dance, and drama among the Kannada speaking people.

Pampa Kannada Koota is one of the oldest Kannada organizations in the U.S.A, and has been active in the promotion of Kannada culture in Detroit for the last 30 years. We organize social and cultural activities to facilitate Kannada speaking people to socially interact with their friends, and nurture interest in Kannada and culture among adults, as well as youth born and growing in U.S .

Pampa Kannada Koota is a non-profit organization (IRS Tax ID:38-2669587) working for the social and cultural development of Kannadigas in Michigan. We are trying to bring all Kannadigas under one umbrella and share our culture and heritage. We would like to see that Kannadigas here will continue to enrich our Language, culture and heritages and contribute to our motherland. 

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