Google Fax

How do you send your faxes? Are you still using the convection fax machine to send and receive your faxes? If yes, it is evident that the old-fashioned ways of sending faxes can be cumbersome. Well, there is better, efficient, and reliable approach of sending your faxes. This is by using Gmail online fax sending features from your email. For a fact, an email reaches the recipient faster thanks to the increased speeds in broadband connectivity and smart-phone technologies that allow one to access his or her mailbox from their smart phone.

What is Google Fax?eaaDcAfaef

Not many people are clear on the idea and the technicality behind Google fax services. However, it is not a technical concept. Google fax is simply a fax sending tending technology that can be accessed from anyone with an email address and a Gmail fax number. With it, you will be able to receive all your faxes in PDF format. Besides, for those that what to send a fax, you can also send it as a simple email, which will reach the recipient as an ordinary fax.

What You Need to Fax

Besides having an email address, you also need a Gmail fax address that comes with a Gmail fax number. For a start, you can take advantage of the free fax trial service to learn and see what this amazing technology has to offer. From there, you can consider subscribing to some email-fax plan offered at a fee.

adfasdcfAWDfMoreover, you also need a virtual fax number to get things going. Nowadays, fax service providers offer a toll-free number free of charge. This is the number that allows you to send and receive faxes from both emails and conventional fax machines. It is this number that forwards faxes in special servers, which in turn convert the message in email form.

Sending a fax

Now that most people are accustomed to sending faxes the old way, sending a fax from your mailbox should not be that difficult. For s start, you need to log in into your email and click the compose mail button to send a fax online. From there, you should fax number in the recipients’ dialog box in email format. However, after entering the number, you should a suffix with @ followed by the domain details. After that, you should attach the document and hit the send promptly. In a matter of seconds, you will receive a confirmation message. In the case of any delays, the system will wait until the line is free.