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Lifehack Article On Things That Only Friends Who Used To Live Together Can Relate

Spending time with new people can at times be a nightmare as you can really never tell what you will be in for. Meeting new persons like in the workplace requires a shift in how we view some characters, and there are high chances that an individual can get exposed to unfamiliar and unexplained behaviors. What can be viewed as ‘strange’ may be perfectly normal and it only takes some time to truly understand some aspects of human interactions. Read this lifehack article so you would be able to know the things that only friends who used to live together can relate with.


Two Man LaughingBeing highly talkative is one aspect that few of your friends can really tolerate. If you try this in an unfamiliar setup, the high chances are that you will be some sought of a nuisance. The bad thing is that talkative people are not really aware of their condition. How to nicely inform them of their condition can be a really difficult thing as in most instances most people are likely to take the advice as some sought of hate on them. Highly talkative individuals will always say some irrelevant things that may not be pleasing to most. However, only a friend who is used to all this may truly understand and cope with all that.


two guys sitting near pondSilence at most times is a really cool thing. However, what if the silence is a pin-drop one? This, of course, won’t prove to be ideal as in every situation people would want to enjoy some little chats. By being too silent in most occasions; most people will assume that they are being despised by you. You may find it making conversations or workplace conversations easier as your mates won’t be taking you seriously almost all the times. People are different and for some silence is one of the ways through which irrelevant discussions can be avoided. This is one of the situations many people would find hard to understand and only that longtime friend you have spent most of your time with will.

There are certain things that we really like to engage in. For instance, a person may be hooked up to some music genre that most people would find not to be that entertaining. Well, some people like to sound different for the reasons best known to them and by the way; it isn’t a bad thing at all to be different. Understanding why some people may do some things differently from the normal way in which they are done will require you spend time with them and not just time, a lot of time.…