5 Different Ways of Epilation

Skin care

There has been an increasing trend where people wax to remove unnecessary hairs on their skin especially during summer holidays. The trend is even increasing, due to the increase in the number of tourists spending time on the beaches. There is a new trend of using an electric device called an epilator. However, epilation can be a painful and stressful process as the hairs keep growing if it is not done properly.

Methods of epilation

1.Depilatory Creamsshaving legs

These are creams that work by dissolving the hair on your skin.The best way to know the best cream is to try them out.There are creams that will cause a sensation on a person’s skin, but creams are painless when you are applying them on your skin.Depilatory creams are a good way to relieve the stress of having long hairs during summer.


This is not an option for the weak.This is because waxing is very painful. However, it removes the hair from the hair follicle hence lasts longer. You need to apply wax on your skin, which sticks to the hair, then you rip it off quickly.

The process is usually fast and can take just a few minutes. Apart from pain, the other limitation to waxing is that because the hair needs to stick to the wax, it must be at least half an inch long.


This is similar to waxing as it involves using a sugar containing gel or paste to remove the hair.This method is cheaper and readily available since you can make the paste or gel at home.


This is the most obvious method of epilation.It works by shaving the hair at the skin level.A more effective way to achieve shorter hair is using a smoothing machine.Once you have shaved the hair off, use the smoothing machine to ensure that the hair does not grow immediately after shaving.

5.Electrolysisskin operation

This is the only approved way of permanent hair removal.If you are struggling with your hair every summer, this is the method to opt for. It involves the use of an electric current to completely destroy the hair follicle at the root. Electrolysis works for every type of hair or skin. Hence it can be universally used by anyone.

The only limitation is that while using this method could be a permanent solution to epilation, it works by removing each hair at a time, hence usually takes longer. It is often used when removing hair along the bikini line or face since these areas cover a smaller surface area. However when you want to carry out epilation on larger parts of the body like the legs or hands you need to consider other methods.

When considering which method of epilation is best for you, you need to consider whether the process will be permanent or temporary, the surface area of the hair and the cost of each method so that you can settle with the most suitable method to suit your needs.…

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Air Conditioning Tips


Seemingly, the sound of your air conditioner running connotes the drying up of your bank account. It is said that air conditioning contributes to 16% of your monthly electricity bill. This percentage is even higher in those areas that experience extreme weather conditions. Nonetheless, all is not lost as you can have that cool, serene internal environment with air conditioning denver, and not spend all your money on electricity. There are different ways to address this

Check out the tips below:

Try warmer nightsElectric Fan Graphic

At night, you do not require the same cold temperature that you would need during the day. Try turning down the AC so that it runs less. Further, you are not as conscious at night as you would be during the day. By doing so, you are saving on a lot of energy that would have otherwise gone into your electricity bill.

Use portable units

Sometimes you do not need to cool the entire house. If you are working or spending more time in one room, then you can use window or portable units that cover that particular area. As compared to the central unit that cools the entire house, a mobile unit can save up to 50% of energy.

Service your cooling unit

Old, faulty, or dirty cooling equipment consumes more power than new installations. Some parts such as the vents and pipes that allow air to pass through the system get blocked after prolonged use. Normally, this problem is dealt with by cleaning the air conditioner to remove the debris and depositions. Failure to maintain your equipment forces the air conditioner to consume more power to push air through the clogged vents.

Is anybody home?

Cooler fanIt would only make sense that when nobody is in the house, you should turn down the cooling system. This is an easy way to cut down on your electricity bill just the same way you turn off the lights in rooms that you are not using. If you know that you will be back after a short while, you can use settings that will efficiently cool, or heat the room as per your preference when you come back. However, do not let your system run when nobody is in the home.

Clothe the windows

The windows are primarily the gateway of light and air into your interiors. They determine your overall home temperature depending on the material that they are made of, the size, and the angle of inclination of the sun. You might want to use window films or solar screens that can intercept the sunlight before it gets into the house.

So much depends on you. It is possible to have a comfortable interior and save on energy costs. Feel free to seek advice from professionals in air conditioning Denver, and you are on your way to a happy, fresh and fulfilling life!…

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