Uber vs. Lyft; Which Is Better?

The shared economy model has resulted in a magnificent increase in the number of startups during the past few years. The technological advancement that the world is witnessing has contributed significantly in launching various businesses that make life much easier. Uber and Lyft were among those businesses in the transportation industry. Look at promotions for rideshare apps to find out more. There are many other companies that offer the same service, yet those tycoons are the most successful ones. So, which is better? That’s what will be revealed in the upcoming comparison.

Uber vs. Lyft; Which Is Cheaper?White Lyft Car

Well, both companies offer different categories for riding; starting from basic to SUVs and Limousines. The rate of the two companies is nearly the same; charging $1 per start, $1.5/mile and $0.25/min.

Ride-sharing companies are usually cheaper than normal Taxis. However, if you decided to go out of town using any of them, it may be a little more expensive. So, when it comes to cost, both Uber and Lyft are somehow equal.

The Safer option

Ride-sharing companies are safer than its alternatives in general. But, which is safer among the previously mentioned tycoons? The answer is simply Uber; all Uber drivers should be at least 23 years old and have a 4-doors car that is 2005 model or newer.

On the other hand, Lyft hires drivers who are 21 years old and have a 4-doors car that is 2003 model or newer. Both companies hire drivers who passed drug tests as well as background checks. Also, their cars have to pass the inspection too.

The More Practical Solution

Now, which company is more practical when it comes to the ease of use? Uber application seems to demonstrate a more professional application than its competitor, yet Lyft would win this part. Lyft’s application is easier and more user-friendly than Uber’s.

This fact is supported byUber App on phone evidence, such as application stores’ ratings; the Uber application was given a 4.1-star review on Google Play Store while Lyft was given a 4.3. However, both applications were given a four stars rating on the Apple Store.

So, who is the winner in the Uber vs. Lyft comparison? The result is a tie. Each company excels in a certain area, yet they have a lot of common areas where both of them are equal. No company is recommended over the other for now, as both provide an outstanding service to their users, and it’s very hard to pick a winner when the competition is that tight.