5 Ways to Prepare for a Medical Exam

After passing a job interview, you would probably be asked to undergo additional tests and one of which is a medical exam. This may also be required if you are applying for insurance. Passing a job interview is one thing; however, several problems may still arise in a medical exam no matter how healthy you think you are. Though it may sound intimidating, there are ways for you to prepare to ease your mind the day before your medical test.


Pre-employment medical exams usually consist of two parts: Physical exam–where you are examined by a doctor personally, and laboratory tests–where your blood, urine, and stool are tested for any abnormalities. Either way, being knowledgeable of each will allow you to prepare the day before.

1. Get Enough Sleep

Running on low sleep can alter some of your blood components and may result in false diagnoses. This can also increase your anxiety and, in turn, have effects on your blood pressure as well. If possible, schedule a day dedicated to your medical exam to make sure you’ll have enough time to sleep.

girl2. Avoid Smoking

This is a crucial move to take since this can alter your blood pressure significantly. Try not to smoke on the day of your exam or even the day before it. This applies to smoking both cigarettes and marijuana. Some medical exams involve drug tests, so make sure you abstain from it even months before your drug test.

3. Restrict Salt and Fat

This step should be taken months or weeks before your exam since doing this only a day before does not do much with your blood chemistry. However, limiting the intake of salt as well as processed food can alter your blood pressure quickly, so skip your favorite canned goods and opt for a more nutritious meal.

4. Avoid Coffee

Coffee, as we all know, contains caffeine, which can make our blood vessels constrict, resulting in higher blood pressure. Avoid drinking, not just coffee, but also any drinks that contain caffeine. In addition, skip your carbonated drinks as this could elevate your sugar and phosphorus levels. Instead, drink more water

5. Avoid Exercise

If there’s a time you should avoid exercise, it’s on the days prior to your physical exam. Exercise may alter some of your laboratory results, as well as your blood pressure. You may return to your usual exercise routine after the exam itself.