5 Ways to Prepare for a Medical Exam

After passing a job interview, you would probably be asked to undergo additional tests and one of which is a medical exam. This may also be required if you are applying for insurance. Passing a job interview is one thing; however, several problems may still arise in a medical exam no matter how healthy you think you are. Though it may sound intimidating, there are ways for you to prepare to ease your mind the day before your medical test.


Pre-employment medical exams usually consist of two parts: Physical exam–where you are examined by a doctor personally, and laboratory tests–where your blood, urine, and stool are tested for any abnormalities. Either way, being knowledgeable of each will allow you to prepare the day before.

1. Get Enough Sleep

Running on low sleep can alter some of your blood components and may result in false diagnoses. This can also increase your anxiety and, in turn, have effects on your blood pressure as well. If possible, schedule a day dedicated to your medical exam to make sure you’ll have enough time to sleep.

girl2. Avoid Smoking

This is a crucial move to take since this can alter your blood pressure significantly. Try not to smoke on the day of your exam or even the day before it. This applies to smoking both cigarettes and marijuana. Some medical exams involve drug tests, so make sure you abstain from it even months before your drug test.

3. Restrict Salt and Fat

This step should be taken months or weeks before your exam since doing this only a day before does not do much with your blood chemistry. However, limiting the intake of salt as well as processed food can alter your blood pressure quickly, so skip your favorite canned goods and opt for a more nutritious meal.

4. Avoid Coffee

Coffee, as we all know, contains caffeine, which can make our blood vessels constrict, resulting in higher blood pressure. Avoid drinking, not just coffee, but also any drinks that contain caffeine. In addition, skip your carbonated drinks as this could elevate your sugar and phosphorus levels. Instead, drink more water

5. Avoid Exercise

If there’s a time you should avoid exercise, it’s on the days prior to your physical exam. Exercise may alter some of your laboratory results, as well as your blood pressure. You may return to your usual exercise routine after the exam itself.…

electronic cigarette

How E-Juices Helped Me Quit Smoking

Three months ago, I had my second stroke in a month, and the doctor told me that I was lucky enough to have survived. He gave me a stern warning that a third stroke would either be fatal or debilitating. He told me to quit smoking.

Having been a chain smoker for almost a decade has left me doubting myself if I can really quit smoking. It gave me a different kind of high and it has given me company during hard times. But I love my life and my family. I have decided to follow my doctor’s advice.

The stroke has left me with left hemiparesis, which meant I have only weakness on my left extremities. After only a month, I was already doing everything that I loved except for one thing, smoking. The craving grew by the day and I was getting more depressed and restless. My doctor brought me a vape and a bottle of zero-nicotine e-juice. Since then, I kept longing for more and with these following reasons, my love story with e-juices has begun to flourish.

Variety Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

I had always preferred menthol cigarettes. While I was finding the right flavor that perfectly mimics the cool blend of menthol and tobacco, I came to discover many other flavors that go well with my taste buds. Some are fruity flavored, others are chocolatey, while some resemble cereal, vanilla or cinnamon.

Time Only Makes it Better

I used to stock cigarettes in my locker, but the longer they stay on the shelf, some get molds with an evident change of flavor. The menthol kick is the one usually lost. This is not true with e-juices. Like wine, they get better with time. The longer they are stocked in a cool and dark place, the tastier they become. Among vapers, this is what we call steeping.

Healthy Attraction

ejuiceWhen I said that I felt great when I first vaped after my second stroke, my attending doctor who gifted me the vape must have concluded that it was only a placebo effect since it was kept from me that the e-juice was nicotine free. Little did he know that I went over the product’s label and learned that the e-juice has zero nicotine content. Until now, I am still attracted to zero-nicotine vape juices because of their satisfying flavour and delightful scent that go well with my health condition.

While zero-nicotine e-juices have served as the best replacement for my cigarettes, other vapers may opt for juices that contain higher levels of nicotine.

Financial Compatibility

The various flavors of e-juices command a wide range of prices. Some flavors are cheaper than others. Because I am not very particular with a specific flavor except for menthol, I have the option of choosing vape juices according to my buying capacity at the moment. Unlike cigarettes, e-juices are sometimes offered on sale or on a discounted price. This provides me opportunity to save.

I have been addicted to cigarettes because of their nicotine content. But with the ill-effects of nicotine on my health, through sheer determination, I was able to arrest this addiction. Indeed, my obsession of the flavorful world of e-juices has been the most helpful factor. I know that this love affair with vape juices will last a lifetime.


Dental Implants

dental implant illustrationDental implant can be a great solution for you whoever wants to improve their look. There are several types of dental implants that are available on the market nowadays.

This article is going to share some useful tips that you can follow, so you can find the best dental implant that is suitable for your own needs now.

1. Find some reputable dentists

It is one of the most important tips for choosing the best dental implant service for yourself. If you want to install the best dental implant for supporting your needs, you need to compare some available dentists today. There are some professional dentists that are available in Pittsburgh area. It is recommended for you to read some reviews and also testimonials that may come from other users. Reputable dentists usually know how to provide the best dental implant installation service for all customers these days.

2. Compare their prices

This is another easy way for you to compare some available dental implants that are available today. You need to check all available dental implants and their installation packages that are offered by some professional dentists these days. When you want to compare some available plans, you can contact some reputable dentists that are available around yourself. They will be ready to give you free quotation, so you can calculate the total installation of dental implants easily.

dental x-ray

3. Consult with professional dentists to talk about your condition

It is highly recommended for you to contact some professional dentists that are available today. You can consult with your favorite dentists, in order to discuss about your medical condition. Most dentists usually require their patients to have medical check up and also oral exam procedures, in order to check their teeth condition accurately. These medical check up procedures are very useful to ensure that you can get the best dental implants based on your needs.

Installing the best dental implants on your oral area should never have to be difficult for you. It is the best time for you to contact the best dentists that are available in Pittsburgh today, especially when you want to install the best dental implants for improving your overall beauty and appearance. You should choose the best dental implant installation service that has good reputation among many customers these days.…

Is a Vegan Diet Healthy? The Honest Truth

Is a vegan diet healthy? The truth of the matter is it depends as much on what you eat as with any other diet. For example, a person living entirely on salted chips or crisps would be technically following a vegan diet, but it would in no way be healthy. However, the good news is that research shows that there are potential benefits to a vegan diet.

A healthy vegan diet contains just a small amount of sugary and fatty foods, plenty of starchy foods, some dairy alternatives like fortified soy drinks, plenty of fruit and vegetables and some non-dairy sources of protein like pulses and beans. The average vegan diet is higher in fiber and vitamin C, and lower in saturated fat. Therefore, with Vegetablesgood planning and an understanding of what makes up a healthy and well-balanced vegan diet, you can get all the necessary nutrients your body needs.


Health benefits of Vegan diet

More and more people are turning to a vegan diet because of its certainly many scientifically proven health benefits compared to most other diets. With this diet, you can experience eternal youth, increased energy and a younger looking skin. The diet can also help mitigate some of the modern world’s biggest health issues such as cancer, obesity, diabetes and heart disease. In fact, a study in 2004 and 2005 showed that people with diabetes who followed a low-fat vegan diet had less of a need for diabetes medications.


Vegetable saladHowever, in terms of micro-nutrients, a vegan diet is actually more susceptible to being nutritionally poor. This is because it is naturally low in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, zinc, calcium, vitamin B12 and iron. It is, therefore, important that you get enough of these nutrients through certain vegan food sources or supplements if you follow a vegan diet.


So, is vegan diet healthy? Well, the truth is you should be able to get most of the nutrients you need from eating a varied and balanced vegan diet. Whether it’s healthy or not depends on what you eat.…